Reviews for "ABC's Vs. 123's"

yup yup

I like I like cool cool good stuff

A very orginal idea!!

The whole concept of the letters and numbers having a war is a very original idea!! I especially liked how you constructred the various objects, like the walking man and the vehicyle, using the letters and numbers.
The film was very enjoyable and the music, I find, suited it very well. My only complaint with this film was that it was rather short, but everything else was excellent!


It fell apart? Looked fine to me!

Starogre responds:

No, the collaboration fell apart, so I decided to submit my movie without it being in a collab.

very short

make longer movies and try something eles

Starogre responds:

This was originally for a collab, like I said, so the movie would have been longer.

Not too bad

I enjoyed watching this

good job