Reviews for "ABC's Vs. 123's"

very good idea

hey i liked it very much, it could have some better graphics but its still ok
the battle tank made of letters is also a great idea
very creative movie keep trying and u will make great movies in no time

Starogre responds:

I already have great movies ;P

great idea

great idea 123s vs abcs Lols well i liked it

Really Cool Flash!

Heh, this was really cool. I loved how creative you got with some of the things..... especially when the letters turned into a car. It was very impressive stuff. I was a little dissapointed at the length, but hey, this was a very good flash movie, so a lot of work was obviously put into it. I'm not complaining. Great stuff!

P.S. I loved the song. : D

very orriginal!

loved it! even though it was a little short and self repeating but still loved it! :)

hot shAt

it picked up and was going in the right direction more towards the end, but then it self-replayed. i was dissapointed. it was pretty tight tho