Reviews for "ABC's Vs. 123's"

i'll never re-gain the time i wasted watching it

absolute crap

Starogre responds:

almost as much as your flash movies...

o wait, you have none...

i think you should submit your crap before you insult my crap :D

unique... yes... but

what the hell was that??? 2 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.

Starogre responds:

Actually unless it took a minute to load, it only wasted 1 minute of your life :D

It was..

unique, I'll give it that. This movie actually pleased me and deserves a higher score than it has because of its originality.

Starogre responds:

Heh thanks, "Dungeon Mastah".

not your best

it was different and i like that, but you can do better.

Starogre responds:

I take that as a compliment (how I can do better). I know this isn't my best, but it would have been much better if it was seen in a collaboration movie of about four different ones. Thanks for the review!


but you should have finished it so we can see the clash and see who wins the fight