Reviews for "ABC's Vs. 123's"


That was creative. Bit detailless (if thats a word) but the music was cool. I liked the idea of letters and numbers making things. Liked the car. It did seem a bit pointless though. And remember to put a play and "play again" button. It goes in a loop.

ABC's kicked the ass of 123's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked the abc's alot more but the main point is...
Ill just give it to u straight, its an ok flash.
o guys u have to understand art to get this flash.



anyone who said it's not good must just not understand art. i would never in 10 million years have thought of this. it was hardcore.


That's a very good concept. That's some cool-assed abstract shit.

XD brilliant!

That was... much more than mildly amusing. Thank you for offering me the time to watch this interesting, creative, and amusing flash :)