Reviews for "Garden Eden"


I listen to this and I imagine pretty much a garden of pure perfection. The name greatly suits the music and draws attention to it.

In the words of Yoda.

"A good job, you have done. One more good song, there is."

Semaphore responds:

"A great reviewer, you are."

greets Sema ^_^v

I do I Feel it...

That was just...just wonderful thank you!

Semaphore responds:

your welcome ! ^^

Very relaxing...

A really nice piece. I think that the title definetly fits the song :P

Semaphore responds:

thanks spader11 ^^


This is the sound of all the world at peace

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much Sagadude

Often times...

I find the things that I don't like other people actually like a lot. And the fact that you named this what you did is pretty interesting, especially because I found it. I try to stick to the belief that I'm not more special than anyone else, if special at all, but nonetheless. :)

Thanks for making this, sharing it, and ultimately bringing it to here. :D Thank God too. XD At least as far as I'm concerned. <,<; It is quite soothing, and I enjoy it to some degree, and it reminds me of a picture I uploaded to Facebook recently. A picture I enjoy as much as the one I almost put up there before.

Do you have a Facebook? Can we please be friends perhaps? Maybe there'll end up being greater reason for it or something.

Semaphore responds:

yes, I have facebook but I'm rarely online there =D

maybe you should listen to my other songs then ;)

tahnk you very much HolyDemonAndy