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Reviews for "SS Time Trials 19"


I love you guys. Two's gave me a seizure, but I love you.

So, when's the next one? =O

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from less than 2.5375 to 2.5375!!!


Woah come on 19, 451s view man this stuff makes me go crazy!

Wasn't what I expected.

It was alot stupider than I had expected and it didn't make sense but I can tell you put alot of work into it so good job.

you should reeeeally read these reviews

and take them to heart. Most of the time, only 1 or two if im lucky of the movies in here are even half-decent, and this time i couldn't even find one. If Star Syndicate really wants to be good at all, then for the love of god, at least make the thing coherent. If ur just screwing around because u dont give a shit, then ur doing great.

hrmmm... its ok

Its ok.. Realy fun but its.. ok. keep up and someday u will have a front page^^