Reviews for "Edge of Lies - Mjattie"

Great sounding song! :D

I really like the effects and everything you have put into this song, those synths, pianos, and kick all sound great. I really like that reverb you put in there too, it really gives it a 3D effect. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the update! :D



mjattie responds:

thanks man, I'm glad you like it


Such a great and incredible work at all..
Really impressive, interesting effects, wonderful transitions.
This songs really means trance.

Good Work man, keep doin this ;)

mjattie responds:

hey man, thanks Trancecore!

Wel done

I like the whole electro house feel to the song, and the ambience with the piano is very nice indeed :D

mjattie responds:

lol, that's the whole point ;)


This was very similar to Tiesto. I like how the song flowed. There were plenty of nice sounds that all fit into the nice beat set. I liked that side-chain on the piano, that was very epic sounding! My favorite part was around 2:00, that beat was amazing! It had plenty of sounds to go with it, but nothing was too heavy or overpowering. All of it really fit together, and not in a bad way. It all sort of flowed perfectly.

10/10 and 5/5 bud! You earned it. :)


Pretty much an awesome song. Pretty mellow and nice. It really does sound kind of like Tiesto. Sounds professional and cool. Not really much else to say. 5/5 10/10.