Reviews for "Edge of Lies - Mjattie"

Great sounding song! :D

I really like the effects and everything you have put into this song, those synths, pianos, and kick all sound great. I really like that reverb you put in there too, it really gives it a 3D effect. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the update! :D



mjattie responds:

thanks man, I'm glad you like it

Flippin heck

Well you surprised me on a whole new different level.

This was a very professional sounding piece of music great work man

mjattie responds:

thanks syphonmax :)

professionally done

nice work there bro

thiz iz a remix im sure....>><<

If not correct me on that

_-_= -_- Professional DJW

mjattie responds:

actually it's not a remix...

I only copied the piano a bit from "the storm"... :P But it plays not the same melody...

tx though

Very professional.

You've already heard a little bit from me on this, but I figured I'd review and put a couple new things out there. Excellent mastering work... it sounds like you might have done some work in that department in the last couple days. Sounds brilliant.

Sounds much better with the new ending. Doesn't feel out of place any more. Nice work on that.

Honestly, I would never be able to tell the difference, in terms of quality, between this and just about any of the music in this genre made by people who make a living off of it.

Just trying to think of something I can suggest for you... It's difficult, I have to say. ...I think it's at the point now where I have to get picky about the finer details.

I have absolutely no mastery in this topic at all, just as a forewarning. But it has to do with fine-tuning your patches to a level bordering on insanity. The music might sound unique and recognizable as "Mjattie's music", but the sound of the instruments and patches - their attitude, as you will - still seems generic. Getting to have that "attitude" in the sounds is something that I'm not sure I'll ever master with elecronic music, so I don't have much in the way of specifics. Just something I think you should start working towards, if you haven't already.

There's only one thing about this that I've managed to figure out. Try playing with the "expression" wheel on you NN-XT's. It took me quite some time to figure out what it actually does, because the effect is so tiny. But on the overall music, it has a massive effect. Just like a lot of the smaller details I know I have yet to discover. Experiment with things that you've ignored before, and figure out exactly what they do. Then use that to give it that final polish. (Just a tip: using the expression wheel on the NN-XT seems to use up a fair amount of CPU for some reason. So just be careful with it... btw, try experimenting with "breath control" and "aftertouch" as well.)

Don't worry at all about the criticizm. Seriously, there are only a handful of people who are any good with that, and I am certainly not one of those people XD. ...You'll probably hear more about that in upcoming reviews of mine, especially as I work on that aspect myself. You've reached the next tier of music, my friend.

10/10, 5/5, favs... Btw, I like the name ;D lol

Power to you, Mjattie!

mjattie responds:

wow, that's a buch... Really thanks!

You really know how to type XD...

The thing about the knobs on nn-xt is that I actually don't look at them XD, but I should try to work a bit more with those XD... I couldn't really hear what you did with expression in "Mountainrise" though...

I really should create my own style, you're right... But it's kinda hard to keep your own style but not seem repetitive...

Thanks man for the suggestions, small critism etc. You're really a great bud!

5/5, 10/10 for the review XD