Reviews for "Edge of Lies - Mjattie"

Nice man i love it

it's a real electro song
i love as well as the other song
best song for parties

Thats nice!

A long time since I've listened to a great home-Made trance. Definatly as good as the most professional trance tracks.


Wow! really got down to this track right from the very start what a cool piece of music.

Right from the intro I was hooked the beat is easy to get into. The tune is very trance I love the beats and slightly haunting piano sounding in the background. Awesome sound throughout. I loved the piano maybe the best gripping and I thought the beat was very well done. You get get also the trance maybe techno sound emitting throughout I enjoyed it very much.

Only snag was the longer track did get slightly repetitive after a while. I think because of the trance repeating itself maybe for to long this did mar it maybe but I don't think it was maybe to much of a problem.

I really liked this cool

like a moonlit walk along soulside bay

pure dreamy imaginative hypnotics. embracing my mind and shaking my freakin sanity with its crazy vibes.
the amount of movement and emotion behind this song is astounding me... considering its a digital song. although you track along the same idea... it changes constantly giving the listener a real heavy flow to carry them away.
the many reverse changes give it so much space for atmosphere to spread out in... and your synths and piano merge so epicly i think i might just cack my pantys. the Panning is subtle but effective. again giving the illusion of three dimensional sound space.
this creation is simplicity at its most complex.
a real gemstone you created here. a real well done. seriously. Well done man. :D:D:D

I love the beat

maybe you can say it a best music