Reviews for "This Way (FATMAN)"


This deserves to be number one in the funk genre, this is such a sick song. The use of the vocal sample kinda reminds me of Fatboy Slim. Overall, really sick dude, well done.

NuclearStrike responds:

Ya got me all hot under the collar now, comparing me to the king of Big Beat, Fatboy Slim. Keep it Soulful and Funky.


Reminds me the days from back then.......I like that. Also you inspired me to make another beat. I'll let you know when it done.


NuclearStrike responds:

Glad to here it. Give me a PM when it's done.
^_^ -The FATMAN

its just like i like it.

i love it!
just one thing, it would be so much cooler if you could make the "This way" like if it was a 3D sound, like if it sounded in the back of my head from right to left or viceversa O_o o_O. Anyways its still awesome!!!!!!
keep up the good work!

NuclearStrike responds:

I actually tried pan switching like that when I was making this, but the voices made my head feel really weird xD. So I made them finish their phrase before I switched them. Thanks for the FEEDBACK though it's really appreciated. Love, Peace, and Big Beat.

A.K.A. -NuclearStrike


I think what they gave u was drugs.

NuclearStrike responds:

More than likely. ^_^

tha shit

The is wickedly awesome....!

NuclearStrike responds:

Its awesome of you to review. Thanks for the support.