Reviews for "This Way (FATMAN)"


thats minneapolis for you! hahaha. i fricken love minnesota.
great song. love the beats.

NuclearStrike responds:

Ya You Betcha, Eh. Minnesota is just so neat, Ya? (We don't sound like that! We are not Canadian I find that accent very hurtful. It's pretty freakin' cold though.) ^_^


that candy musta been good, and so is the song. Anyway, I don't know why people didnt like the note a 0:56... I thought it sounded fine.... anyway it was real nice.

NuclearStrike responds:

I can't find anything wrong with it either. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not completely going tone-deaf. Love, Peace, and Big Beat.
A.K.A. -NuclearStrike


Imagine a 12 year old obese child walkin through a club with now shirts and doing a thumb up jig and then every one just make a circle around him and for no apparent reason he whips his dick out and starts swinging it round and round and then every one starts to do the same thing hes doing and they all whip out there dick oh did I mention this is a gay club were the only serve 30+ and then the kid whips out lotion and ahhhh I think you know what happens after that (wink wink)

They fuck

I just though that whole thing up without stopping to think it seems really fucked up buy this is what it remind me of when I listen to it great job dude

NuclearStrike responds:

Thatz quite the imagination you got there Braw.


This is the shit. All the way.

NuclearStrike responds:

thanky thanky

tha shit

The is wickedly awesome....!

NuclearStrike responds:

Its awesome of you to review. Thanks for the support.