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Reviews for "Ash VS Master Chief"

"das iz gud" -CakesDoLie

lol good but sometimes i wonder why teachers dont stop the violence

Stupid Horror

with the part with dark arts teacher #53, is that where it says barry doesnt know i dubbed over this part from stupid horror?

TX2 responds:

That Running gag started here. During the filming barry went back into the house to get something leaving us with the camera, so we recorded that little part before he got back, and he didn't find out till we watched the whole thing.

After that we've tried to do it every chance we get.

to that bloody guy

okay if you live in texes then go to hastings and they sell master cheif figures idk what they cost

look a castley doo!

The best line in the movie great!

great!!! lol you are vervy funny

lol lol lol lol lol roflmao . you rule.i just have one qwston for you were do poepole get the master chief figuers. walmart,target some one pls tell me!!!??? i want to make a stopmotion and i need a master chief figure!!! oh and how much money is it ,really dose not manner on it cost just tell me where????

TX2 responds:

gamestop used to sell them about 5 years ago.