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Reviews for "Super Sam"

Ha, funny.

Graphics - Since they were simply sticks, I couldn't rate higher, but they were used effectivly for the humour.

Style - Well this wasn't very orginal but the song was a new thing really.

Sound - Bleedin' good music. Dog bark was okay.

Violence - Not graphic, but the drawing was well done. Was also kinda funny.

Interactivity - Play and replay buttons.

Humour - Jokes wern't the best but the music definatly enhanced them. So did the drawings.

Hope you make more things like this. Although improving upon it wouldn't be a bad idea.

A responds:

Thanks alot, I'm improvising the series with better graphics and so already.

Also I'm going to try and get some REAL humour into it. ;)

Anyway, thanks yet again for the review.

nice very cool i loved it

A JOB WELL DONE INDEED well that was a very amusing waste of my time to say the least it was well done i dont no flash or if u ment it but try to make it less shaky if possible would be my oly suggestion near perfection man near perfection

A responds:

Thanks alot man.

The "shaky" effect was to make it look like some kid has drawn the movie to show him as a "hero".

sick and twiztid

nice flash thing bunni-chan! make more!

A responds:

Indeed I shall, thanks for the review Vicky.


Gr8 !!

great nice one si make some more instead of getting stoned u big slacker!! lol see ya soon m8

A responds:

Haha, see you soon <3.


that was unexpected

all right... i was woundering about the style there, but then I got hooked right away... the ending.. just wrong.. pooor kittie ;.; good job. Also keep up the great work

A responds:

Just like most people have said in the past reviews...

Thanks for the review.