Reviews for "-Midna's Desperation-"


Ignore the other reviewers, they obviously never played Zelda: Twilight Princess. This song perfectly fits the mood in the game and is an excellent recreation. Great work.


bigjonny13 responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it.


This is song is awesome it reminds me of...well should I say a flash game some certain people should tell you what it is. It does remind me of...Midna well everything that has her name in it reminds me of her

bigjonny13 responds:

Hahaha, glad you like it man. If it sounds like a flash game, then I hope someone uses it in a flash game then.


The reverberation is nice, it makes me feel like i'm dreaming, i can realy lose myself in this song. The notes do get too high pitched at some points but it's perfectly bearable.

bigjonny13 responds:

Yeah, I feel the same way with the whole dreamy, floaty feeling. I'm glad you like it.


You, sir, are a great Musical Artist, even if it is only a remix. I love this song and i must say, you broke the scale. 11/10

bigjonny13 responds:

Woah, 11/10. I didn't see that coming. Thanks a lot man.


Im feelin this song would get an awsome ice area to be mch COOLER!

bigjonny13 responds:

Hahahaha, thanks man, glad you enjoy it.