Reviews for "Creation by Turtle"

First attempt at Flash movies?

If so, that was a fantastic first effort. I was really impressed at the originality of the idea and the smooth animation. Well done!

I am amazed...

This is a pure work of art. Wow and this is your first. This all I really can say was wicked sweet. This is one of the most umm.. turtletastic flash I've ever seen!

Max-the-Great responds:


Pretty nice!

Needs a preloader and a replay button though! Also I'm wobdering from where did you get the concept.

Max-the-Great responds:

I wanted to add a preloader and replay button, but I couldn't. I got the concept from a doodle of a turtle I did on flash. Actualy, the turtle you see in the animation is that same doodle.

Not bad for a first.

This isn't bad for a first. It's amazing how much fertilizer came out of those bags though.

Max-the-Great responds:

well, it was a really big bag, so there was some room for extra physics in there, which helped all that fertilizer fit in. Of course, nevermind that the turtle had basicaly a whole planet in it's shell.