Reviews for "Creation by Turtle"

i liked it

its good work but needs more

not well thought

The gadget thing sucked, the animation was lacking, and i wanna kick the shit out of the turtle for being so damn lazy!!!! he didnt take one step the whole time

Max-the-Great responds:

Be fair, for part of the animation there was nowhere for the turtle to step TO, for another part he could only step on dooky, and for a final part he would have walked into a lake, and that would just be silly.

not sure why this is on the front page

Why does the turtle need human inventions to create a world... for humans? I'm pretty sure the african folk-lore did not include that part. The animation was nice but it was just lacking in everything else. Why didn't the turtle make animals also? Is he just going to let his little planet sit and hope the animals evolve from plants?
I know your proud of it but I just don't think this was done as well as it could have been. If anything make it seem like the turtle actually did something other than sit around and let technology do things for him... seems very un-godlike to me.

And if I am a sinner in the eyes of the turtle then I guess it is because I sit back and let technology do everything... right?

Max-the-Great responds:

No, no, and for good measure: no.
1- The turtle is not a god.
2- Those machines were part of him, not man-made additions
3- Why would the turtle want to make animals?
4- The turtle has his own opinions. If he sees you as a sinner, it may be because he just doesn't like you.

not clever at all

sorry dude, but i dont believe this was at all clever or fun to watch, you waste your talents trying to make what could have been something beutiful into an atrocious piece of filth.

the whole gadgets coming out of a turtles shell has been done hundreds of times. ex: luney tunes, tom and jerry, stuff like that. some people may like that, but its an old tired out joke.

sorry for the five but i think you could have done much better. :\ oh well better luck next time.

i'm so getting blammed for this comment... X(

Max-the-Great responds:

You may be, but you shouldn't. Just remember: this is my first animation. I made it not for you, but for me, to see if I could.


excelent movie.. plus i lvoed that "you are all sinners in the eyes of the turtle" at the end hehe

Max-the-Great responds:

At least someone else out there thought it was funny.