Reviews for "Creation by Turtle"

Makes no sense, in a good way!

That was awesome! i could not resist when he sprayed the fertilizer all over the land! i gotta give this a 5!


wtf was that? that was dumb and made no sence. it wasnt that funny but im nice.


This is odd. But I liked it anyway. GOD IS A TURTLE!!

^ - ^

hahah my turtle is kinda like your turtle although my turtle is gay. great animation i loved it.


Gee, cool idea.

GRAPHICS - Darn, I can't draw like that! You're the true Flash artist through and through.
STYLE - Nice idea. I also like the podium.
SOUND - I like how you planned everything out and made the music sync with the animation. Otherwise, the music's nothing special, just a few common loops.
VIOLENCE - Turtles can't breathe in space. Otherwise, no violence.
INTERACTIVITY - None at all. It loops. Not even a simple preloader or replay button.
HUMOR - I see some humor in an all-powerful turtle creating the Earth.
OVERALL - Not bad, not bad at all. Just don't use gradients with the brush.