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Reviews for "Bull in Field - Swines"

All right man awsome


bullinfield responds:

cheers man!

Rock On!!

I like how you sort of have this techno feel to it.
All in all just a great song, keep it up!!

bullinfield responds:

haha, techno feel to it eh?
cheers for reviewin' - glad ya diggin' it!

good song

but i gotta know what u did to that bass to make it sound like its a buzz almost. unless thats just my speakers. but im loving the sound. great job keep it up

bullinfield responds:

ta dude.

i used a fuzz pedal in short.
the fuzz pedal i used is made for a guitar though - so had to do quite a lot of eqing and processing to get a nice bassy sound


Awesome song, downloaded :)

bullinfield responds:

haha, cheers man!


Awesome, great sounding - sounds like real punk.

Only piece of advice I can think of is maybe raise the volume of the vocals when the whole stereo thing's going on.

bullinfield responds:

haha, dont know what you were listening to but cheers dude!