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Reviews for "Snowboard Kids 2 - Sunny Mt"


Woah! Snowboard Kids remixes! And they're good too! This makes me very happy. Excellent mix here, nothing to complain about. If you take requests at all, from the SBK series, I adore Big Snowman. In the DKR series, Darkmoon Caverns. Your style of mixing would do those justice, I believe.

Juguito responds:

I like it more remaked
than remixed
I don't like very much the remixes...
but prefer original versions with better sound :D
and if you like big snowman (that's another really cool track! BTW)
i recomend you to find the SBK Plus soundtrack...
or in youtube you may find the Plus versions... (I still prefer the N64's)
Ummh... about Diddy's Kong Racing... well I like the game
but I never listened to its music because the races were so quick to finish
but I'll considerate to listen to them :D
thnx for ur review!

Very nice!

I don't think I've heard anyone remake a Snowboard Kids music so....closely to the original. I really love it.

IF you take any requests, I would love to hear Snowboard Kids 1 - Big Snowman. It is one of my favorites.

Juguito responds:

Big Snowman is one of my favorites too, but I decided not to do any from SBK 1 because those tracks were done again for SBK Plus, but in 'better' quality. I prefer doing the SBK 2 tracks. You can searh them on youtube (or ask me in a MP because I recorded them from the playstation cd a long time ago).

Thank you very much! :)


My brother use to get so angry when i bet him there! Nasalgic memories...

Juguito responds:

nasalgic? xD


Favorite map.

Juguito responds:

map??? you refer to the stage?
because it's only a boring snow stage xD
well IMO
but the music is very cool


Wow this is awesome

No complaints. Wow how come you wont do SBK 1 music... I'd like to see you do sunset rock, silver mountain, and the main theme (my favorite theme of all time)

Juguito responds:

I did Night Highway, sir (my favorite one from SBK) but I prefer to do SBK2 musics because for larger quality for SBK, there is SBK Plus musics ^^
thanx for rating!