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Reviews for "Snowboard Kids 2 - Sunny Mt"

Extremely good.

I recently bought this game on eBay because I played it when I was younger, and am enjoying it so much! This track just made an awesome song even better! Thanks so much!! :D
Also, I agree with your point down there on fufuless's review. This isn't really a remix, but it's more a remake that sounds like the original, but better. After all, the original sounded like a remix anyway.

Juguito responds:

thanx :D
i wish someday it can be downloadable and played online :S
it has to be the sht xD
or they make another version
but oldschool like :D


Woah! Snowboard Kids remixes! And they're good too! This makes me very happy. Excellent mix here, nothing to complain about. If you take requests at all, from the SBK series, I adore Big Snowman. In the DKR series, Darkmoon Caverns. Your style of mixing would do those justice, I believe.

Juguito responds:

I like it more remaked
than remixed
I don't like very much the remixes...
but prefer original versions with better sound :D
and if you like big snowman (that's another really cool track! BTW)
i recomend you to find the SBK Plus soundtrack...
or in youtube you may find the Plus versions... (I still prefer the N64's)
Ummh... about Diddy's Kong Racing... well I like the game
but I never listened to its music because the races were so quick to finish
but I'll considerate to listen to them :D
thnx for ur review!

great once again

This course brings back memorys i remember that i rented this game because i loved racing games and till this day it is my favorite game and this course was the course that started my love for snowboard kids games i really wish that a 3rd will come out i still play this game i play Linda's castle the most just because of the music and the way the course is made up and how funny Linda acts i loved all these courses and they can never compete with another racing game and i still have the memorys of my past of people who played these games with me.

I have to say that this remix is your best by far of snowboard kids just the way u made it and how it relates to the real music and the feeling this game gives off and the way u composed it is really great 2.

Juguito responds:

I love SBK too (N64 versions) and i think mario kart could never compete against one SBK game. It's so enjoyable to play that I still can play it for hours these days.
Thanx for your review!