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Reviews for "Chanter Tales 1.1"

Most Excellent

Very nice artwork .. and good story to boot.

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks... Thanks so much! Can you believe that some drooling troglodites out there actually said this was "retarded?"

It makes me glad that my hard work is appreciated by the few smart people that are actually out there. Unlike that last guy... He probably likes animations with lots of explosion n' stuff. ... And no dialog...

Im really impressed on the artwork

The Story was great too, Im a hard one to impress on flash to anime style setup storys. This was a great submission to show other people. Keep up the awsome work. I hope to see more.

Thumbs up all the way

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks, Pal...

I'm not sure what you mean by "flash to anime..." I didn't intend this to be anime, if that's what you mean. I really can't stand anime. But it seems as if flash forces you to use certain techniques that anime artists use... Maybe that's what you're talking about...

Yeah, this story will have two more parts.


The atmosphere you've managed to set is impressive. You must've worked really hard on this one... Some people have said your voice acting is bad, I don't think so... but you could do with some subtitles, you know, for the foreign people (me!)... But it was not bad at all, I could get 90% of what you said, and that is far above my average.
And about the story, it was very interesting (heavily helped by the atmosphere I mentioned before), you kept me hooked till the end... You should definately finish it....
Good luck!!

(I liked the eye-warning thing! :) )

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks... I definitely will finish it... It's just a question of when. It would be cool if I could do this for a living. It seemed to take forever to finish this one, but hopefully I'll be able to recycle some of the things from this movie, and perhaps use some things that didn't make it into the film. If I can, the process should be a lot quicker.

execllent movie!!

Execllent movie I'd like to see more vary soon it intersts me too see this kind of work I like were this is going and would be gald to see more of it... HellBoy303 out

Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks. I think the sceond script will be a little bit better than this one. It's got more action, and I think that's what people seem to like.

((( NICE WORK )))

Awsome and very nice work, also congrats on the daily 4th, could have easly been 3rd, i acually watched this 2x it was that good, the file size did bother me abit but not that much, anyways nice work...


Ghosty22 responds:

Thanks... It's nice to see that this movie is still being watched.

The next episode might be a bit bigger though... It's really hard to make a good-looking flash without it being huge. Seems as if that's why the movies with good art work don't have much of a story...