Reviews for "Tiger form"

Not bad...not bad at all

I thought that this was pretty good! Maybe you can create the same type of flash with the same great graphics...only having the guy actually fighting somebody! That would be awesome! It was cool though!


I like it...do you study..or did you just copy the movements...regardless...looks cool...



Where'd the point go?????? lol that was cool. Neat old school computer looking graphics, and I love love ending. Pointless. I felt incredibly stupid or as if there's a big piece of life that I missed after seeing that, lol.


I have seen 3d animation before and this one is very low quality which wouldnt matter if it had somekind of a point to it. You should check out "killer bush 3d" by Thomas Lee to see how its done (just search it on NG). Anyway what 3d software did you use to make the animation? Was it "blender" by any chance?

hmmm Not really flash!

It was good ya... but it would have been somewhat more appealing if u had drawn it in flash rather than some 3d program... :-/
Gd wrk tho