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Reviews for "Un-Sea-n Life pilot"

Great Job

I still can't believe how great the art is in this. The backgrounds looked like paintings, and when I was sending the voice stuff in, you made it seem like it was easy to do the drawings. The overall feel of this flash is what really got me when we first spoke too, and I still believe that this animation evokes a "feeling" when you watch it. Maybe it's the water and all that ... but it's something.

Again, great job, and it has been really fun talking to you about all my crazy mishaps! :)

-Eric (Hobbes)

SlanSai responds:

haha yeah when can laugh about thoose mishaps now when its finally done hehe.

thanks big time for the support now, and in the making of the movie. It really helps.

anyways, it has been truly great to work with u. You found the kind voices I were after very quick and i think all of the lines came out exellent. The flash wouldn't have been the same without you. thanks again.

not bad

that was a good movie

A flawed jewel

Great effort, highly original! Really stirring background art, and the charecter design was pretty good, of not a little coarse. I had a few problems figuring out what was going on, forinstance when the charecters would walk off screen and keep talking, I wouldn't know who was speaking. Janky direction, somewhat confusing, but a gem nonetheless.

((( AMAZING )))

Whoa the detail in this is just amazing, the color, the story, and everything about it is just great. The sound is really well done, beause you do really good sounds with their voices when they are off the screen, and make it more realistic, i loved the plot, and all the characters very much...


Flat out awesome

You really did great here. It's obvious the effort you put in with the storyline and the graphics.
The one thing that bugged me was the ending.. it left me a bit confused. What happened there?

Great job man.