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Reviews for "Un-Sea-n Life pilot"

It's better than bad!

The art is really cool...but I just didn't like it... =( I wanted to like it cuz the art was good, but the dialogue seemed really forced and contrived.


You did an amazing job on it, and obviously put a lot of work into the creation of it. Keep up the good work, it'll soon pay off for you ^_^

Beautiful peice of direction

Something about this film is hauntingly beautiful. I cant quite put my finger on it but it definatly has something to do with the quaint storyline. Something about its 'normality' and tone that sets it apart from the usual stuff on NG and really gives it a life of its own. So as a story and a peice of direction I really found this highly effective and emotive. Super kudos to your art aswell as alot of other have commented your skill really shines through here and the atmosphere your BG art brings to the scenes is really effective. Also have to say great work to your voice actors and also your composer. The music was simply perfect ! You really have a creative touch as a director and you are sitting on a great story and characters here. I think with all the encouragement and praise you will get from this film (well deserved I might add) you will hopefully find the energy to care for this little gem of a series again.

Stick with it. It will seriously be worth the effort I tell you !

SlanSai responds:

actually. you my dear friend made me change my mind about this. I will start writing the next episode in this very moment...

I have also started thinking about some shorts with the "un-sea-n life"-crew. though they will prolly not have the same "serious feeling" to them.. well.. ill try to submit something more as soon as possible and ill see how it goes :)

thanks alot. again.

Great work!....

Its a shame you lost interest in this. I was instantly captivated by the graphics in the preloader. I thought the whole thing was going to be as amazing as that, unitl i read the author's comments. It was still great despite you losing interest in it. I will still explain each aspect in detail in my review. Great flash deserve Great reviews! (i have used that quote 3 times in a row now)

The graphics were probably the strongest element that this flash had, and for more than one reason. The drawings of the characters were awesome, i became slightly dissapointed when you tried the lip sync:(. The characters were very detailed and it seems you put alot of effort into just drawing the characters. The animation was good througout. It was smooth and i guess you did attempt he lip sync and it is better than many flash i have seen. What amazed me about the graphics though was the backrounds. They were exquisite and remind me of the art style in Bones(an amazing flash in top 50 in case you didnt know).

The style was good overall, but better in some parts than others. The animating style was awesome, and it also helps out with the visuals. The feel to this was great at some points and a little dull at the points where it lacked sound effects or animation. I loved the feel during the boat ride, it really felt like i was riding in a boat over a lake or something. Great style overall!!!

Sound was great to an extent. The only problem with sound to summarize it up would be the lack of it at some parts. There could have been sound effects where there werent any. Either than that sound was great, most of the sound effects that you did have were nice and the music was a nice touch. The voice acting was generally good aswell.

Overall this was very good and once again its a shame you lost interest in it. It could have been much better even though its very good now. Ihope you dont lose interest in your next project and either way keep up the great work!

SlanSai responds:

and i guess that means that a great review should have a great respone? well, sorry to disapoint you but this writing thingy isn't my kind of stuff, but ill give it a shot.

i guess i will start with the intrest thingy. well, i really like the characters and stuff but i kinda finished this flash a months ago or something, but then i had some issues with trying to get a hold on voice actors and stuff (thanks to hobbes for helping me out there). and when i got the actors and started to send the scripts to them the most wierdest things happened to them and stuff. so while i was waiting for the lines I had to do something.. so instead of starting a new movie i started changing this one. So i added lines and started repainting the backgrounds. and then when i got the lines from the VA:s i gave them new ones. and i am so sorry for this, if i hadnt been such a complete newbie at this the movie had been out a long time ago. But i dont regret a thing about the chosing voice actors, they all did a wonderful job.

anyways, when u have had something rdy for like a months without being able to post it it kinda gets on ur nerves. so well, i really have to take a break from this "series" now.

i am aware of the lack of background sounds aswell, sorry about that, just felt like i alrdy had abused the vind effects to the max :P .

and yes, i also now that the story is very very slow moving. and i tried to remove some scenes, but i couldnt decide wich ones that i could have skipped. Cause i didnt want to make the viewer more confused.

anyways, thanks alot for the helpful review, i will take ur advices in consider for my next movie.

Loved it.

I loved the artwork and the storyline. I also loved the little Gollum vioce, that was pretty funny. That clip has like a serious, and calm feel to it but then it hits you with that little humor. Great movie. I'll be looking forward to seeing your future works.