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Reviews for "Un-Sea-n Life pilot"


It is a little choppy like people have said but i was very entertained when watching this. I personnaly liked the story and thought it was written quite well, the character design was overall pretty good.

The only thing that needed improvement was lype syncing and graphics. Otherwise its really good.

Bah! I watched it already!

Kinda sucks for the fact that I watched it... What were you thinking?! Again I am puzzly suprised at the great stupidity yet confusion I gained from this. Your halloween one was beautiful and this one could of been but what's up with the comedy and weirdness of it? None the less this was pretty nicely done in a way but please fix this. The Pilot could suck maybe but this diserves to be a series for some reason. This thing is not terrible. I hope you think about this seriously and consider giving this another chance. 8 out of 10.

they do this every summer.... that's just horrible

there is still a lot of room for improvement, but it's good! nice work!

Very good :)

It was all-around a well made flash movie and fun to watch. I could tell you spent time on the graphics, which is always a good thing. Also, you developed the characters well - they each seemed to have persistent personalities, I liked that. I guess my one quarrel with it would be that it went pretty slowly. Maybe some mood-appropriate music would speed things up? But really that's just nitpicking because I want to help you improve. Good job, KUTGW.

I liked it

I realized that it's pretty obvious that you worked hard on this peice, not bad at all. Yea maybe you could work on the story line a little, but overall it's very good.