Reviews for "-Wake up-"


Sounds like its straight out of a sonic game. You havee some major talent my man.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks :D hm, sonic huh? i dont really see the resemblence, but i like the idea :D sonic 4 (Sega genesis) : Happy acid funtime zone, act 2.


10/10, I like all your compositions.And this is, it seems, my new favourite!It is really great, and yes!Something like summer morning in it!Great melody, hope to hear more, and good luck with your projects.


with this music... you havent even gotten a nine yet. keep it up!


Your style is perfect. I have yet heard a song of yours I don't like, and I think everyone else could say that as well. This song...it's so happy ^^;
Your songs have that effect on me.

smooth move waterflame ;)