Reviews for "sonic movie madness 3.2"

i love your taste of Music man! SO COOL THIS FLASH

great music funny as hell so random! i love it and Shadow is so damm cool XD

My god...

This is my favorite out of the series! Completely random! xD But I gotta say...the Power Rangers was my favorite part! lmao!

"AW YEAH!!! Lets quietly...HIYAA!!! Sneak over and attack!"

lol! :)

I LOVE THESE SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! lol

Funny they make fun of cartoons

It was so funny when I saw Whinney the Poo with an SMG.

Review thing

Its good but it just bores after a while...

You are my favourite person Roger van_der_Weide (RogerregoRRoger)