Reviews for "sonic movie madness 3.2"


Why does Cream have boobs? shes only 6 (years old)! And uh... why is her voice so sexy? Eye mean not child-dish. Anyway,where's cheese (the chao)? Man,this cream rabbit was supposed to be a crybaby,but she's like around 14 (years older) then Amy!! But I'm glad that THIS MOVIE RAAWWKKKS!

Oh Sheit!!

This probably the funniest movie series i've seen in a while. Graphics are poor but when there's so many jokes it doesn't matter that much about the graphics. Keep up the good work!

Loved it!

I loved the whole thing! And the fight scene was hilariousXD
Kind of hard to tell who was the bad guys though but that just added to the randomness, the glorious randomness:D

Biggest. Crossover. Ever.

Although biggest dosent always mean best. it does here!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought It was Merry Potter and So much crossover yet I still remain speechless so good!!!!!!!!!!! As for george Bush Make his sword like use the force involving political tomfoolery.