Reviews for "[RM] - So Blue Is The Sky Wip2"

Great Song!

Great Song Dude!
You have improved a lot,
Keep it up!

Randomizor responds:

Thanks =D

Hey Randomizer <3

Great music man ^^

Randomizor responds:

Thanks Scott xP


Awesome SONG! AND i know what you can do to make it even more fun. I was toying around listening to the song, and accidently Windows Media Player poped up and started playing the song from the begining so about i would say 30 sec. behind each other, it was like the most coolest sound ever. Maybe you can fade in and out a part where you combine the same track but have a bit of a delay. 0.0 I Love it either way. One of the best i have heard so far. ^_^ keep it up!

Alright it's me techThenoob,

Since i couldn't correct what i said. it was somewhere in your music i was able to overlap it and it sounded like it harmoniously flowed. IT wasn't at 30 secs though. But there is a point to where it started and it sounded awesome. however. I liked it every second of it.

Okay, this was exellente!

LOVE IT. Straight to my faves. 10/10. 5/5.