Reviews for "What Did You Say?(modern 8bit)"


It really kicks in after that intro, I can only suggest having a more powerful voice to bring it in, or changing it to something novel, that though it doesn't nessecarily sound nice, will grab the attention of the listener.
Love the upbeat tempo and feel. Keep at this, you have quite the knack for it!

Bunnymajs responds:

well thank you :)
it was a pretty fast putt together song, but when i got the time i'll fix it up a bit :D

Nice Work!

The first 5-ish seconds did indeed fail to grab my interest, you might wanna work on that, as introduction in any media is important, but all-in-all it's a pretty sweet piece. I like 2:20-the end the most.

I'd say as far as retro gaming goes, this belongs in a blue-sky level. Id prolly place this as boss victory music in one of my own games (I run Tabletop games, and put soundtracks to them).

Anyhow, yeah. Nice work, it gives off a good vibe and has the energy to keep up with an action-oriented game, while giving the player(s) a chance to either bask in success, or pump them up and get them excited for a showdown, it works both ways.


Bunnymajs responds:

Great Review! really :D
and thanks dude :)

haha myes.. the intro is the weak point, but ill work on it :D