Reviews for "What Did You Say?(modern 8bit)"


U definitely deserve 10/10, 5/5. I'm nit a big fan of 8 bit music & I only like half of what I've heard b4, but this is really nice stuff!
Very good dude!
I think this song has made me more curious & interested in hearing newer 8 bit songs now XD. Congrads, it takes DAMN GOOD talent to make me use effort to search for something I previously did not like alot b4 :D


This song was very good. Although if i were to pick out issues there'd be only one. The transition to slow slightly towards the end sounded weird, but then the ear gets use to it, i'm not sure if that was on purpose on not though. And this is all just opinion. But i definitely love this song.

You are now one of my favorite artist's on NG

This is pretty awesome! I'm not good at writing reveiws. But I can tell you that you did an amazing job! I can't even dicribe it I'm just speechless. Thanks for reading my short reveiw!


I swear this is 10bit, or maby thats my review...

Dancey, angular...

Very angular and strange sounding, but I like it a lot. Besides sounding dance-ish and 8-bit, it sounds like it has an Eastern Asian vibe with the melodies. I like the slowed-down breakdown also, and how it kicks up again. 9/10, 5/5. - EC