Reviews for "[Echoes]"

diggin thisss

for sure one of my favorites by you.. love the scratching in the beginning... sick. it should be more abundant throughout the song.. simple beat, but it works very nicely. good work yo.

teddygram responds:

thanks, ya scratching is tight but i got lazy about it


Good Stuff As Always Teddy
Stay up


teddygram responds:

thanks man


these early mornings beats that enters your mc heads are simply some of the greatest pieces iv ever herd i can picture exactly what you saw in the morning this beat just feels so fresh really good job

teddygram responds:

Sometimes I just wake up and feel inspired haha thanks man.


Me loves it! I downloaded it!

Great track!

(Sorry for the lack of a substantial review xD)

teddygram responds:

haha thanks.


ive been listen to a few of you audio submissions and they are all amazing. this one should be more popular.

teddygram responds:

Thanks man