Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"

Good Stuff

Makes you fucking freak out. Really nice! Especially @ ~0:50 where the massive sound kicks in.

But I think before this part there is a sound going on a long time that's a bit to high for my ears, but a great track nonetheless! Could be a good "credits rolling through" track ;)

not that great

and it's too short

Nice bass!

This song has an exciting vibe.

This is not real.

Wow, this is possibly the best song I have ever heard. And with it, the perfect title to it. I therefore conclude that this is not real, but a figment of my imagination. Good try, but I must deduct 2 points for being fake.

Good day to you SIR!

P.S. O,o

Rig responds:

I'm pretty sure it's real.

This song is fine