Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"

I'm Diggin' it!

I gave you the 9 so can work extra hard for the full song, Well made, and stringed together!

thank you for sharing

i am going to use it in my newest game
i wont publish it here (it isnt flash) but i cant tell you where i will publish it because of this text:
"NOTE: Any attempt to promote an outside, unrelated website in this space will result in the deletion of your user account."

cool song my friend

this song rocks =) great sounds =)


this might put you up on my fav lol havent found some good stuff like this sins paragonx9 lol good tho i gove you a5/10 nice song


Sort of sounds like a soundtrack you'd find on a Sonic game, factory-like level.

Great work!