Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"

great job

awsome job on the song


TOTAL EPICNESS!!!!! this is awsome!!!!

could so see this

in DDR. pretty fun, well composed, not exactly my flavor palete for techno stuff . . . a little too anime-esque, but still, the quality is high enoug that I can't ignore it. Kinda reminds me of dino-crisis 3 for some reason ??? prolly the space thing . . .

Good Stuff

Makes you fucking freak out. Really nice! Especially @ ~0:50 where the massive sound kicks in.

But I think before this part there is a sound going on a long time that's a bit to high for my ears, but a great track nonetheless! Could be a good "credits rolling through" track ;)


This is a great idea, and well executed. Needed a bit boom-ier base, but cant see any big problems.
The melody is a bit annoying, but I can get used to annoying things (my mom).

Overall, a great loop. Fav'd, and dropped onto the Superkid OST!