Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"


Well its real, and THIS ROCKS EVERYONE ELSES SONGS. Zombies in space is exactily what I thought of when I heard it on the audio portal homepage (not really...)
great music. This MUST have taken you ages to record everything....

This is not real.

Wow, this is possibly the best song I have ever heard. And with it, the perfect title to it. I therefore conclude that this is not real, but a figment of my imagination. Good try, but I must deduct 2 points for being fake.

Good day to you SIR!

P.S. O,o

Rig responds:

I'm pretty sure it's real.


Amazing :) me like :)

awesomely fantastic in many ways

this is one of the best things Ive heard in life.


If this doesn't get into a flash then people does have any taste in music. XD
Anyways, very nice choices of sounds, i personally love originallity and this got that. :D Clearly going into faves! Keep it up! :D