Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"


I listened to that loop 10 times i just cant get enough BEST LOOP EVER!!! cant wait for next game man take as long as u need ^_^ 0:27 WAS THE MOST.....i cant even put it in words XD

Greatest loop on newgrounds ever?

Really great loop, it sounds like a great blend between Megaman and anyhting zombie related xD

Cant wait to hear it in your upcoming game!

Have my babies.

Im not sure what it is called, at :27 when the music bends. I dont know how else to describe that, but just those first 30 seconds would get you 10 stars from me.

Rig responds:

Thanks, man!

i can almost see the zombies...

...in space. Srs though - :27 was epic win...HOW HOW HOW??? SO FRIGGIN GOOD!!!

Dude I need the full song of this now. This is so full of epicness (epicity...? I have no idea) or anything that would be the adverb form of that adj.

Yeah, when all those arps came in 30 seconds in, though. Dang. I had to smile. Definitely one of the coolest 30 seconds I've ever spent listening to music. (:30 - 1:00)

Rig responds:

Haha, thanks! This song is strangely addicting to me as well... :O


great man keep up the good work

Rig responds:

Will do.