Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"

blew me away!!!

wow this song blew me away it was definatly worth listening to 10/10


well because it's a kick ass song hard to explain but it really cought me in to the beat :D

Rig you scoundrel...

It's fucking epic.
I love the bass in it. :3 If this is a loop, I wanna hear the whole thing..

Sounds heroic.

Can't wait, chief.


FUCKING GREAT SONG RIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesomingly amazing job here. The melodies and structure of this track fucking rock. Love the reese bass, great subbass line, nice hand perc bits, brilliant FX throughout, the panning arped synth was amazing, as was everything else, really enjoyed the string padding and theres even a zombie-esque melody thrown in around the middle and end. THE TRANSITION at 00:26 MADE ME INVOLUNTARILY EJACULATE ALL OVER MY SCREEN FUCK YOU RIG! BRB NEED PANTS

man not only is the sound quality and production top notch, the composition is freaking amazing. cant stop listening to this.




-The main lead lfo's could be modified a bit. At points it was a tad overly resonant for my tastes

-would like a louder snare drum

and why yes it does remind me of FF8 laguna's battle theme like the guy noted above!



nice song it sounds like the laguna fight music from ff8 good job:D