Reviews for "Rig - Zombies in Space!"

fuck! zombies! you guys are on your own!

pretty cool song. pretty uhh retro, prolly why its in video game genre haha.

very very good for a game/movie!! and thats what this site is for so great job! but it sounds really cool to just listen to as well. i like this.

i especially like how you combined different styles together. it works really good here!


The Progression from 25-50 is mindblowingly beautiful, this song has a really good energy. I wait in eager anticipation for the full version of this awesome yet way too short masterpiece.

Top notch

Perhaps one of the most professional sounding pieces I've heard on this site since I first logged on. I would imagine this being running away from zombies in a ship in space. Fighting for your life in a fast paced, intenseness that matches nothing else. Nailed it right on the head. Consider this the most genuine 10/10 I've given.


Good sound

This deserves a 10/10 5/5


This is amazing i cant get the tune out of my head its crazy its just sounds so perfect...keep it up man. 5/5 10/10