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Reviews for ""Rippin' Rave" Remix -WIP-"


I just wanna dance now.


hey i was wonndering if i could use your music for a machinama.. it will probly be on machinama.com ty

Rukkus responds:

ya go right ahead. Thanks for the good review!

woot favorited

i really like all of your work, though i have to say that positive vibe is still my fave, not just of yours but on the audio portal. i dunno, your style is somehow exactly the genre i like. keep making more, and finish this one too!

Where should I start..

The intro is just phenomenal. Like.. I can't even describe it's epicness. It's little instrument transitions are perfect, too. Once I hear that intro, I put a smile on my face because it's so unbelievably amazing.
Wonderful job on this one, keep it up!

Dude/Dudet.... (not sure :p)

Im not sure, but is this remixed from brainstrom?? I lik this but loved brainstrom. i hope u make more.

Rukkus responds:

thanks a lot man. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Check out my new song "Glowsticks"

I'm a dude btw lol