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Reviews for "End of Nightmares"

I liked it

Nice job

gavD responds:

Awesome Plazmaice621, glad you enjoyed it!


that was fun! this game is awesome

gavD responds:

Thankyou melikumcheese! 4 months of effort went into this game. I tried to address every criticism of Take to the Streets as well as incorporating Em's ideas. I think you'll agree, his artwork is superb!

Hehe, pretty cool game!

It was really good, it has the quality of a "Daily First" ;)

gavD responds:

gavD: Really? Thankyou!
embeeforme: thanx!

Great game

I noticed one major problem though. I thought that either the screen was to small or the characters were too big because when more than one enemy was on the screen there was no where to go to avoid them.

gavD responds:

If you use "run", you can often escape the swarms.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

i liked it

it was kinda too close, but the graphics are great, the carachter moves when you want him to move and the music is good

gavD responds:

I think you're right Juanny, we may have gone slightly overboard on the large sprites!