Reviews for "Tadpole Turmoil - Mario RPG"

Nicely done.

I'm very impressed by this, not only did you make it more dark and saddening this the original, you also made it almost dark enough for a funeral. Not bad at all.


Damn, that was ever more sad than the original.I love it.10/10

mariomusicmaker1 responds:

That is not quite what i was trying to do. but thanks for the review.

Don't Worry

You're worth much more than the sperm you were made from. Perhaps it makes no sense now like it did when looking back on how you thought people were out to get you.

mariomusicmaker1 responds:

Easy to suggest, hard to believe,

you'll be ok

I bet you'll leave the emergency room doing backflips, and playing the trumpet at the same time! The melody was very nice. Also, I'm happy that you used a different time signature other then 4/4.

Song is awesome!

In fact it is so beautiful that I'm going to download it! =D