Reviews for "Tadpole Turmoil - Mario RPG"

Song is awesome!

In fact it is so beautiful that I'm going to download it! =D


hope you feel better btw

No No And No

I Understand your feelings, but dont give up from your life man.
If you lose hope or give in to fear, darkness will surround you and then all will be lost.
I dont even know you... But DONT DYE ON ME OR I WILL BE REALLY PISSED OF.
I seriosly hope you get better.

you'll be ok

I bet you'll leave the emergency room doing backflips, and playing the trumpet at the same time! The melody was very nice. Also, I'm happy that you used a different time signature other then 4/4.


now I know how you feel.
don't die please.
good song.
going to vote 5