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Reviews for "Lilium"

Very Dark

Wow, this is awesome for your first flash. The music combined with the style you chose was very effective. Voices wouldve ruined it. I had chills running over me the enitre time. Good job again


aww that was so sad. how could she do something like that. well...i kinda understand her.. well it was done very well and the pictures where done very well! i give you two thumbs up!


This is an exelent film, make more.

So Sad

Christ the poor goth kid she doesn't have any friends but obviosuly thats how goth was created

Abstract but Sublime

The plot is unusual but that is not at all a criticism. Although there is very little actual animation within it, this very cleverly makes it seem as if there is actually a great deal going on when in fact there isn't, which I think works brilliantly. I was very impressed by the use of poetry because it just made the story flow along with the music which is very difficult to do effectively. Overall it was just really well put together and didn't need to be extreme in any way in order to be in the top 50 - which is in my view how movies should be credited. 5/5