Reviews for "Essentially (Ambi Mix)"


loved it, awesome and good effort.
I felt the begining was a bit long.
Turned out well in the middle but then felt like it was getting boring again.

TheDeadlyKind responds:

Thank you, I understand what you mean. Making my songs interesting all the way through is something i always struggle with.

This peice is rather epic.

I loved how it seemed so unique, and so roburst. I found that it was very hard to stop listening to and it always seemed there, but blending in after a while. I loved how sureal it is, and for that, you get 10/5 :)

TheDeadlyKind responds:

Thanks alot! It's been my "career" goal to figure out how to layer sounds to full effect.

Good job!

Nice relaxing song, I like it, really peaceful but never boring. ^_^

"back to the past"

at first i was imagining time turning counterclockwise, all my memories dating from now going back... somewhere in the middle of the song it was like i just woke up, drinking a cup of joe, doing my job, you know, the usual stuff... then getting promoted... then somewhere in the end dying peacefully under the bright sun in the warm grass... in other words it was moving.


TheDeadlyKind responds:

:sniff: That has made the effort i put into this track worth it.


i like it, it's a nice and relaxing song very well made, 10 stars from me