Reviews for "Sprite Sprite Commercial"

This cannot be your first movie...

Its well too done...

MurryScurry responds:

Thanks man.
It's not actually my first movie... just the first sprite flash i've submitted.


that was the funniest mario sprite i have ever seen, it even made my uptight mom laugh.. heh

MurryScurry responds:

Wow, funniest. I'm honored. (Not sarcasm by the way)


Dude that was cool. Also, I really liked the whole sort of idea/plot/whatever, very cool and interesting!

MurryScurry responds:

Thanks man. I appreciate the 10

That's good

now if only mario was really like that when u played. great movie


i geuss so, nothing really special here, ecxept a damn ADVERTISEMENT!! you people think your all special, but look what the medias done to you-made you into billboards. plz watch wat u send in next time thnx.

MurryScurry responds:

Just go buy a damn sprite and shut up.