Reviews for "Sprite Sprite Commercial"

Short but good

Lol, this movie was short but great. Great use of classic sprites and it was rather clever tying them in with the soft drink (actually surprised no one (that I know of) has done it before). Good use of sound/graphics, espeically the edited ones. The sprite bottle was a little too pixelly, but other than that it was great. Keep it up.

ahhh, a nice refreshing....

....kick in the balls to Bowser!!! there's no way that Mario's gonna give away that Sprite to that basterd Bowser! just kick him in the balls and run! it's hilarious, man. i like the way you did everything, especially the kick in the balls that Bowser recieved after wanting a Sprite :)


Everithing I see is well done... the ending was good and totally unexpected (almost for me)...

The spriting (not the drink) technique was good and well performed.

The bad piont? it was too short... but I think is enough for the entire theme

Keep that style and humour sense!!


As Sprite films and first submissions go that was pretty good. Nice twist in the end.
The Loading animation was creative but could do with some variety. Maybe you show mario eating a Burrito first then you show him lauching the flames at something that turns intoa coin. He then takes the coin and buys more Burritos eats them and lauches more fire from his arse!
Also seeing as Mario is a police character and Bowser some sort of criminal maybe you should dress them up approiatly. I.e Mario could be in a Police uniform or you could dress him up as Agent Neo....(*Sigh*) The Crotch Kick could of looked better too and Boswer stood around in the same position a little too much. When Mario is deciding wheter or not to give Bowser the Sprite maybe Bowswer should look mroe anxious or try to swipe it...
Anyways Good work.

You forgot one thing...


Great stuff dood, too bad i cant stand Sprite.