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Reviews for "sasuke confess"

I do not hate who ever made this, but, really? Sasuke is not gay in any possible manner. I know, it's a parody, but it piises me of. 0/5

WTF!!!!!! That video is the second most disturbing thing in the universe!!! The First Is SNOOKI!!!!!!!!!!! I Condemn This Video To Super-Hell!!!!!!!!

I just love confessions makes me feel better about myself. If your like me check this confession site out it like runs the world of confessions. i think its called ClearMyGuilt just google it and it will be the first one. people submit anonymous confessions lol. I also wonder if the person that made this is from az? i go to asu!

The idea has already been used and this was one of the lowest of them. Sorry, not trying to be mean or anything but I also got annoyed by the horibble voice acting and the squire voice used on the character voices.


hahahaha , funny