Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"


I was so looking out for this one and hoping you'd make the movie, I love you :3


...braille subtitles?... (pretty funny movie anyways)

:D :D

Awesome work!! One of the best clock movies ever. I liked how you used "Poep in je hoofd" for the fightscene at Club Zipstyke! I really like that song :).
Also, it's a genious idea to make Pube Muppet's outfit random.
I can't wait to see the conclusion :).

Schitterend werk, maatje :P

StrangeClock responds:

always good to hear from you {{{Toxic}}}


This movie is beyond incredible. It's a great take on any cop show/movie (I thought it surprisingly fit closest to FX's The Shield, but it could be anything). But it's really good. The second part should be really good.

StrangeClock responds:

The Shield rules, I am honored that you'd compare this movie to it.


The clocks, they tell the right time... awesome. good animation, good story this is the best clock movie ever made.