Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

omfg that was proberly the best flash on newground

that was so cool i love clocks and this was an amazing flash its going straight to #1 Favourites, now i really want to make a clock movie. i was wondering how did u get the clocks to tell the right time what is the link for the softwear? or should i ask u thid on clockcrew bbs posts? still great movie i cant wait to see the next one!!!

StrangeClock responds:

I learned to make working analog clocks in Flash from a tutorial on Flashkit.com. Just search for "analog clock" in the tutorials.


Yes!!! Its great when clock movies get front page! Wonderful job comrades!

Here's a 10 for you

Man that was by far the most awesome clock movie I've seen in years! Not that I have seen them all but this is some quality stuff. You did great on the Dutch subtitles, that was very rare. "het kan me niet schelen dat een junk je parkeerkaart heeft gejat oma" lol. I laughed so hard all the time, man you really made my day good! Fluent animation, a great storyline, humor and showing effort all over of this movie make it so worth watching.
(By the way, here's your 10 on interactivity!)
This is the first movie I rate with a 10 on Newgrounds but this will be one of my favorites for a lóng lóng time. You have skills man.

oh em gee

i HATE clocks but this was some funny sheet.. keep up the fun

woa DAMN!

that was just the most AWESOME CC movie I've ever seen