Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"


This was one of the very best flashes ever! ussually im mad they put a to be concluded but this kept me having high hopes. cant wait to see the next.

danm it!!!!!!!!! @#@$#$##$

i watched the second one first ow well there both great flashes they both deserve #1 in the portal "how can strange clock walk up th stairs"

best damn clock movie yet (exept for part two that was better than this one)

u are the only clock who knows how too make flashes

i just dont like the mechanical vocies but that is ur style


hularious, on my top to list!

All my 5's are belong to this

The funny parts are: How can you keep and how can you feed a dead cat? How can it take long to feed a cat? My favorite part is (now allow me to remove profanity from this one, because I'm on Newgrounds with no cursing): "Excuse me. Excuse me? Hey, SHUT OFF THE MUSIC!!!" But the tragity is: StrawberryClock was arrested after he accidently shot his boss PineappleClock in the foot. Even if I change the subtitles to a different language, they are still still speaking English. I think that's what it means. Anyway, I'm voting 5 on this one, but to be more than helpful, you deserve a compliment: this movie rocks, my friend. Heh heh heh. n_n I'm voting 5 on this one. Excellent work. Now I'm off to watch the next chapter of this.


That was a very funny Flash that had me laughing out loud. Sweet animation and sound as well. Very very funny stuff.